Various Charges

For local deliveries only. These fees do not apply to national and international services. Please see the international page for more information.


If a messenger has to wait for any reasons, either at the pick-up or delivery point, fees will be added. We give you 10 free minutes. If we have to wait more than 10 minutes than $0.50 per minute will be charged including the first 10.


We give you 20 free pounds on each delivery. Any overweight will be charged $0.10 per pound.


If your delivery cannot fit in a car for any reasons, (size or volume), then we can send you a truck or small van to do the job. $27.55 is added to any other regular fees.


All deliveries are automatically insured for $200.00. $1.00 is charged for every $100.00 up to a maximum declared value of $10,000.00.


Since 2004, gas prices have been going up and down at a furious rate. This very instable situation have led the courrier companies to introduce the notion of fuel overcharge in their price structures.

But, where the gas industry is adjusting their prices very frequently, we have decided to go for a more stable approach and fix the fuel overcharge monthly based on the price per liter at the day of revision.