The MGM Courrier Advantages

MGM Courrier's advantages

MGM Courrier's advantages

You will find here under, a list of all the advantages that we, at les Messageries du Grand Montréal, can offer you for your deliveries in the Montreal area.

In operation for many years now, we offer our services to a very wide range of customers. Since our opening, we keep growing and expanding at a steady pace.

List of our Advantages

  • Internet call taking and tracking services.
  • We offer services out of the regular business hours and during the week-end. You must call between 07:30 am and 08:00 pm, Monday to Friday, to place your order in advance.
  • We offer insurances up to $10,000.00 for each delivery.
  • Sixty (60) experienced drivers clearly identified with an ID card and a shirt with our company logo on it.
  • Truck calls available on request.
  • Guaranteed services at highly competitive prices.
  • Our messengers are equipped with CELLULAR PHONES, so they don't have to use your phones.
  • DIRECT service : no in-between stops delivery.
  • SUPER RUSH service : 60-90 minutes delivery in Montreal, Laval and the south-shore. 30-45 minutes in the downtown area.
  • RUSH service (1 hour), in the downtown area; with normal weather and traffic conditions.
  • RUSH service (2 hours), for the Montreal Metropolitan, again with normal weather and traffic conditions.
  • 4 HOURS service, your order is picked up and delivered within a 4 hours delay.
  • 24 HOURS and 48 HOURS services, available for major cities in the province of Quebec, Ontario, Canada and the United States. Other cities may be available on request.
  • EVENING, NIGHT and WEEK-END services : Prices available upon request.
  • DIRECT - Long distance services : Prices also available on request.
  • Proof of delivery, (Signature of the consignee and time of delivery). You can obtain the P.O.D. in real-time if you supply us with an e-mail when placing your call.
  • Sworn-in messengers for legal documents or any other purposes