Commissioner of Oaths services

Commissioner of oath

Commissioner of oath

From now on, LES MESSAGERIES DU GRAND MONTRÉAL, can offer you the services of a commissioner of oath. Whether you have documents to be signed under oath or that you have papers to authenticate, LES MESSAGERIES DU GRAND MONTRÉAL can now provide you with all the help you need for such services.

You don't have to send one of your employee anymore, acting as a commissioner, to get all the signatures you need on your contracts or important papers. Our messenger goes to your office and pick up your documents. From there, he goes to your client, authenticate all the necessary signatures and bring back the whole package to your office.


Think of all the savings! The time of your employee that can be spent otherwise, transport fees from your office to those of your client and back. All these fees vanish to be replaced by a single price. One phone call to our offices and we'll do the rest.

An additional fee is charged for this service.